Stream transformation for Node.js


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This project provides a simple object transformation framework implementing the Node.js stream.Transform API. Transformations are based on a user function which must be provided. It was originally developed as a part of the Node.js CSV package (npm install csv) and can be used independently.

Source code for this project is available on GitHub.

Main features

  • Extends the native Node.js transform stream API
  • Simplicity with the optional callback and sync API
  • Pipe transformations between readable and writable streams
  • Synchronous versus asynchronous user functions
  • Sequential and parallel execution
  • Accept object, array or JSON as input and output
  • Sequential or user-defined concurrent execution
  • Skip and multiply records
  • Alter or clone input records
  • Work nicely with the csv-generate, csv-parse and csv-stringify packages
  • MIT License


Run npm install csv to install the full CSV module or run npm install stream-transform if you are only interested by this package.

The source code uses modern JavaScript features and run natively in Node 7.6+. For older browsers or older versions of Node, use the modules inside "./lib/es5".

Data is expected to be an array of records. Records may be provided in any form such as a string, an array or an object. Options can be placed in any positions.