Contribution Guide


This is a community effort. Please be grateful to the people who write code, take time filling bug reports and improve the documentation.

We encourage you to contribute to the project. Sometimes, great contributions take a second. As an example, correcting a typo on this page would be as simple as editing this page on GitHub and everyone would benefit from it.


Tests are executed with mocha. To install it, simple run npm install followed by npm test. It will install mocha and its dependencies in your project "node_modules" directory and run the test suite. The tests run against the CoffeeScript source files.

To generate the JavaScript files, run make build.

The test suite is run online with [Travis][travis] against the versions 0.10 and 0.11 of Node.js.


Bellow is a non-restrictive list of contributors:

Please create an issue if you feel you deserve to be part of it.