Option max_record_size

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The max_record_size option set a limit on the maximum number of characters to be contained in the field and line before an exception is raised.

  • Type: number
  • Optional
  • Default: 0 (unlimited)
  • Since: 4.0.0

A castable string will be converted to an integer and it is not activated by default. It is available since version version 4.0.0 and it was previously named "maxlimitondataread".

Use cases

This feature guards against a wrong delimiter or record_delimiter. It also prevent a CSV dataset from an uncontrolled source to fill the internal buffer memory.


This example will throw an error with the message "Max Record Size: record exceed the maximum number of tolerated bytes of 10 on line 2" because the second record is longer than 10 characters.

const parse = require('csv-parse')
const assert = require('assert')

`.trim(), {
  max_record_size: 10
}, function(err, records){
    /Max Record Size/.test(err.message)