Comprehensive CSV suite combining 4 well tested packages to generate, parse, transform and stringify CSV data.


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Write random and user-defined strings, objects and arrays


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Read CSV strings and buffers and write object and arrays


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Read and write objects and arrays


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Read object and arrays and write CSV strings

Latest news

CSV version 4 - re-writing and performance

Version 4.0.0 is a complete re-writing of the project focusing on performance. It also comes with new functionalities as well as some cleanup in the option properties and the exported information. The official website is updated and the changelog contains the list of changes for this major release. Learn more!

Quick Example

// Import the package main module
const csv = require('csv')
// Use the module
// Generate 20 records
  delimiter: '|',
  length: 20
// Parse the records
  delimiter: '|'
// Transform each value into uppercase
     return value.toUpperCase()
// Convert the object into a stream
  quoted: true
// Print the CSV stream to stdout